Lewerentz - Grave

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Lewerentz grave
Sigurd Lewerentz lived to the age of 90 and is buried with his wife Edith at Eastern Cemetery at Malmö He wanted to have his grave up on a of the hills where there is an antique monument. Church politicians said no to this, and then Sigurd said that the grave would be completely anonymous. The grave is located between the hill and St. Knuts chapel Born: 1885-07-29 Died: 1975-12-29 Buried: 1976-03-11 Cemetery number: 1006 270 1000
THE BLACK BOX When Lewerentz's wife Edith died (March 17, 1969), he moved in 1970 to Kävlingevägen 26 in Lund. He was able to do this thanks to the appreciation of a young colleague, the architect Klas Anselm, who not only gave him free use of a house he owned, but also converted and expanded it to meet Lewerentz's needs. The most important change was the construction of a studio in the garden. It became a tar-scented box with floors of spruce boards, the walls were made of asphalt- impregnated wood fiber boards and the roof was covered with aluminum cardboard. Three plastic domes on the diagonal provided light, but not transparency. In one corner was a door that led out into the garden. Its design explains the name - The Black Box
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